WEB SERIES REVIEW: Stage Mums | Presented by Gold Coast Film Festival | The Arts Centre Gold Coast | 14 November 2017

Youse should all raise a glass of “sav blank” and toast Season 3 of web series, ‘Stage Mums’. This comedy web series premiered this week at The Arts Centre Gold Coast. It takes a farcical look at the lives of two very ambitious stage mums, Shaz (Anna Waters-Massey) and Trace (Tara Page), who will do whatever it takes to ensure their quadrupley-talented daughters Shenaya (Cleo Massey) and Abcde (Samantha Pearce) achieve stardom. The rub is their arch nemesis, Amanda Kingsford-Smythe (Gerry Connolly) who is always one step ahead of them with her precocious daughter, Penelope Elizabeth (Brooke Nichole Lee). These bogan stage mums tackle numerous social issues including the unrealistic expectations of instant fame and the accompanying disillusionment of a socially networked world.

Stage Mums has been created by local actor, writer, director and producer, Anna Waters-Massey and is filmed entirely on the Gold Coast. Season 1 was filmed by her husband in their kitchen with zero budget. Season 3 saw a cast and crew of 100 involved including director Louise Alston (‘All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane’ and ‘Jucy’) and producer Kris Maric (‘Scooby-Doo’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Lantana’).

Web series are nothing new and are in fact on the rise, producing high-quality, low budget content. Film festivals and competitions across the globe are providing an outlet for web series creators and Stage Mums has been nominated at this year’s NYC Web Fest.

The release date for this entertaining web series is pending so keep an eye on the web.

Check out the ‘Stage Mums’ Season 3 Trailer here.

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