Starset + The Comfort + Skies Collide – Live review and gallery – The Triffid, Wednesday 9 August 2017

After recently discovering their latest album Vessels and having it on high rotation in my car for the last month, I was really excited to finally see Starset play at one of my favourite venues, The Triffid to kick-off date first ever Australian tour.

Opening the gig tonight are Skies Collide and The Comfort who are both worthy of their slots, putting on a great show to warm up the crowd. Their professionalism and accessible sound will no doubt find them moving on to bigger things in the near future.

Starset open with my personal favourite track off Vessels, ‘Into The Unknown’ which sets the perfect tone for their show which the band call a “demonstration” which ties into the concept behind the Starset mythology. Unfortunately due to some technical issues the gig is temporarily halted on a number of times throughout the first half of the show but the band keep the set rolling flawlessly once the gear gremlins had been worked out.

You cannot deny the genius of frontman Dustin Bates who has been called of “the Albert Einstein of rock” and rightfully so. Bates has done an incredible job of creating the visual aspects of their stage show through his electrical engineering expertise. But, more importantly for a frontman, he is also an incredible showman and vocalist who’s diverse range switches from soaring melodies to brutal earth shattering screams in a blink of an eye while keeping his focus on making sure that his many followers are engaged throughout the gig.

As for the band themselves, they look like they have been beamed down from a spaceship and straight on the stage complete with cryo suits and light up helmets sequenced to the music and surrounded by two massive screens and smoke cannons that give the Triffid an otherworldly atmosphere.

The set list consisted of a mix from ‘Vessels’ and their first album ‘Transmissions’ which got the biggest responses. Songs like ‘Halo’, ‘Carnivore’ and ‘My Demons’ where highlights for a lot of the long-time fans. The songs themselves have been carefully crafted to not only draw you into their SciFi world but also translate live to deliver an unforgettable gig and almost everyone in the room knew every word to the songs.

Starset are sonically and visually unlike anything I have experienced regardless of any technical issues that tried to come up against them and would absolutely jump at the chance to see them again next time they tour here.

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