Stellar cast brings our fibro heritage to life

Those of us who have lived on the Gold Coast for a while will be familiar with the site of a fibro shack being demolished or taken away from its humble origin.

But that old GC fibro shack has inspired the creation of a brand new play, Hotel Beche de Mer, which will run at the Arts Centre Gold Coast from 30 October to 8 November.

The production was commissioned by the Arts Centre Gold Cost and draws inspiration from the City Gallery’s Fibro Coast exhibition. Playwright Stephen Carleton has written the contemporary play inspired by our beachside fibro shack holiday history.


The story

The Beche de Mer has seen better days. What was once a fabulous beach guest house is now an old fibro shack nestled amongst the Gold Coast high rises, in stark need of renovation…or demolition. It’s also worth a mint.

Tegan Bennett lives there with her demented grandmother Philomena. While Philomena is lost in memories of her fantastic but faded past, Tegan dreams of becoming the successful businesswoman her grandmother once was. In reality, she’s a hotel cleaner who is growing tired of cleaning up after wealthy patrons. She’s lured by dreams of a rich Gold Coast lifestyle.

Then one night, Tegan’s father Quayde comes crashing into their lives, determined to talk Tegan into selling her grandmother’s property so they can share the $2 million profit. It sounds like the answer to Tegan’s prayers. But there’s one thing neither of them have taken into account … the strength of Tegan’s attachment to the Beche de Mer.

With an exceptional cast including Caroline Gillmer (Underbelly, Neighbours), Caroline Levien (The Removalists), Joss McWilliam (Pacific Drive, Water Rats) and Hugh Parker (Pale Blue Dot, Kelly, Sea Patrol) and direction by Ian Lawson, Carleton has created something that will resonate deeply with Gold Coast residents.

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Hotel Beche de Mer plays Thursday 30 October – Saturday 1 November and Thursday 6 – Saturday 8 November. Adult tickets are just $27.00. More at

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