Step into the void at HOTA

Every 15 minutes in Australia a person goes missing. VOID, a theatrical production presented by Gold Coast Wild Dreamer Productions, deals with the intense and confronting impact of child abduction on the lives of parents.

A mother and father, who lost their four-year-old daughter to abductors in a playground 14 years ago, relive the all-consuming grief that has become an overwhelming and inerasable reality in their lives. It has destroyed their marriage, and, in an avalanche of self-recrimination and blame, they attempt to deal with their sorrow in separate monologues in a park where the crime occurred. Their pain is palpable, but there is also an element of acceptance of the tragedy as they hesitantly try to come to terms with their loss.

Wild Dreamer Productions is a small, independent arts company with a global reach founded by Aarti Bajaj.

“In a digital world, art does not have to be confined to space or region,” says Aarti.

The company grew from a small Indian classical and contemporary dance school to an organisation dedicated to creating a “bridge, a platform between community arts and professional arts.” She believes “as an artist, there has to be a shift in the paradigm and stories need to be told no matter how confronting or intense.” In VOID, Aarti plays the role of the mother.

The father is played by Lance Jones, a part-time actor, part-time lawyer and passionate musician.

VOID has been written and directed by Chamkaur Gill, a former Bond University professor of English and Head of the Drama Club. Originally form Malaysia where he was also a major influence on the theatre scene, Chamkaur sees VOID as an opportunity to highlight the impact that the loss of a child has on parents and families, and the forces of evil that exist in our world.

Wild Dreamer Productions have received the support of RADF (Regional Arts Development Fund), a partnership between the Queensland Government and the City of Gold Coast Council to support local arts and culture.

VOID plays three shows at HOTA from 3 to 5 June and limited tickets remain. To book tickets visit the HOTA website.

IMAGE (C) Pru Wilson

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