STILL waters run deep

We won’t tell you how old Byron Bay artist Casey Arnaud is, but let’s just say she grew up on the Gold Coast when the Surfers Paradise mall was still sand. A successful business owner and doting parent of two daughters, within her there remained a burning passion to study art. Now in her third and final year at the Byron School of Arts, Casey is putting on her first solo show entitled STILL. We got the lowdown.

Tell us about the theme behind ‘STILL’ and why you chose to explore it.

My forthcoming exhibition is a series of works in which I explore the contrast of opposing states (over-stimulated vs the calmness of being present) and the potency of removing excess – motion, noise and clutter.  Playing with spaces at capacity, slowly subtracting the overload whilst highlighting the delicate relationships and connections between forms and layers to evoke a sense of STILL.

What is your preferred medium and style?

Having a tendency to overthink and be anxious, my work is a means to resolve this overstimulation, a way to shut down the mind to be present and in this time stillness arrives in the silence. It is my quiet, meditative time to explore sensitive surfaces, playing with forms, loose rhythmic lines, muted colours, marks and layers to capture a feeling. Embracing materiality, my work is about nurturing the surface, textures & the physicality of paint layers whilst exploring themes of vulnerability, strength, memory and temporality. I am process driven in my practice with research leading to the collation of images, words and collages.

Working mostly in mixed media with the materials gouache, acrylic, wax, plaster, graphite and chalky pastels on wood, paper and canvas to create subtle tonal nuances and variations of texture and depth. I want to communicate my experiences through the materials, searching to explore and/or resolve a feeling that then leads to experimentation whilst trying to transform the materials.

‘STILL’ opens 3 November at the BSA Project Space and runs until 15 November. Visit for more.

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