Stone Sour – Live Gallery – Eatons Hill Hotel, Tuesday 29 August 2017

Shuffling en masse into Eatons Hill Hotel on a Tuesday night, everyone feels like this is the perfect way to kick off the week after a Monday, that we all feel, deserves to be in the past where it belongs.

We’re all here with for one reason, to allow Stone Sour to kick our arses into hyperdrive and witness one of the most energetic, stratospheric, brutal shows that Brisbane has seen in recent times.

Leading off the night is Bare Bones, this Sydney based powerhouse is the perfect way to kick the night off. Raw vocals, grating guitar work, heavy bass lines and crushing drum work combine to make this band a staple of any aussie metal heads library. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy, it’s plain to see why they were selected to join Corey Taylor & co. on this leg of the Hydrograd tour. Keep your radar locked tight on them, they’re sure to leave their mark very soon.

The house lights go down, the crowd roars, its countdown to launch. Busting out in full Stone Sour fashion, they crank out the tracks off their latest album ‘Hydrograd’ with flawless precision. First combo is ‘YSIF’ & ‘Taipei Person/Alla Tea’ giving the Brisbane crowd a good chance to show the band what energy can be summoned even this early in the week. Confetti cannons, feverish, bone chilling screams, frontman Corey Taylor’s voice, and showmanship is on point, demonstrating minimum vocal effort for maximum effect, the guy displays what has made him one of the greatest vocalists of our time. Over the wave of welcoming screams from the crowd, we show Stone Sour the love that they rightly deserve, with Taylor stating ‘it’s been far too long since we’ve been here and we want to make up for lost time!!’ and make up for lost time they do, belting out a treasure trove of hits from every album. We’re certainly all in for a treat tonight.

‘15 years since the very first Stone Sour album’ proclaims Corey to their adoring legion of fans. Shit, has it really been that long?
They bust out one of the greatest tracks off their debut release ‘Take A Number’. The crowd pulses and thrives off every beat, every note, every coarse scream. Taylor & co. have everyone in the palm of their hands. Giving us tracks the likes of ‘Blotter’ and ‘Get Inside’, it’s a great throwback to their origins. Heavy, raw and unforgivingly intense, these are the tracks that hooked us from the very beginning.

Using the second half of this gig as a showcase of their back catalogue, with hits like ‘30/30-150’, ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’ and ‘Bother’ (a track that has not been played in Brisbane for a very, very long time), the crowd draws every bit of collective energy to emulate Taylor’s voice, while grooving and headbanging along to the intricate yet colossal talent of the Rand/Martucci combination of axe work. Ray Mayorga’s drum work is nothing less than perfection, utilising the full kit to give the widest range of beats and melodic accompaniment that brings a uniqueness to Stone Sour’s sound.

Rounding out the main set with the crowd favourite ‘Through Glass’, the masses sing along with Taylor, proving that Brisbane has the chops to hold its own against bigger crowds from around the globe. What we want is more. More songs to make our throats so hoarse the next day that we wear that shit like a badge of honour. For we have stood in the presence of rock royalty, and we have shown them that its subjects are ready to throw down like it’s a Friday night. The crowd chants, until once more, they come back to burn the memories of tonight into our temporal lobes with the opening tracks off of 2012’s ‘House of Gold and Bones’. Grinning from ear to ear the people of Brisbane muster the last of their energy to burst through and show Stone Sour that we obliterate all the other Australian states when it comes to crowd participation. The band departs the stage leaving us all wanting more. In the blink of an eye, our Tuesday night festivities have come to an end. Satisfied and content, we depart Eatons Hill Hotel with our own individual interpretation of what we just witnessed. While we all wait for the next tour, we’ll continue to talk about this show like it was only yesterday.


Photos By Dan Maynard Photography


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