Stone & Wood brew beach clean ups and after parties

As Byron’s Stone & Wood Brewing launch their winter seasonal Stone Beer, they’re also restoring beaches, parklands and waterways. It’s part of a partnership between Clean Coast Collective and the brewers which sees a bunch of clean-ups happen along the east coast as part of their Festival of the Stone that’s been running since February.

Clean Coast Collective have been coordinating the clean-ups in each town with locals lending a hand before one hell of a clean up after party goes down. Of course, all profits from beer sales at the after party, which features local music as well as locally-sourced food go back to Clean Coast Collective.

Natalie Woods is the Founder of Clean Coast Collective and she says the organisation is showing people the impact that consumption of plastic has on the marine environment, “with a positive emphasis on the changes that we can make.”

“An important part of our work is educating people that just because you aren’t leaving your rubbish on the beach doesn’t mean that your waste wont eventually end up in the ocean,” Natalie told Blank GC. “Every piece of plastic ever manufactured still exists today. The takeaway coffee cup you use, the sushi container or the plastic cutlery – all of these items are used for fleeting moments but will be in the environment for thousands of years.”

Natalie said that running clean ups helps beachgoers connect with their coastline. “We hope that participants will leave a clean up with a greater awareness of how their daily plastic consumption impacts their local beach.”

She says the organisation was “blown away” by the support received from Stone and Wood.

To partner with such a highly regarded company demonstrates to the community that this is an issue all of their patrons should care about. It’s one thing for us as an environmental organisation to share our message, but when we have a respected company echoing our message and standing beside us, it adds an incredible amount of strength to our voice,” she said.

Stone & Wood could’ve just given us some money and walked away, but instead they invited us on tour and are actively working with us to reduce the amount of disposable plastics they use in their business,” she said.

“Through inviting us on the tour, Stone & Wood have blended their work with ours,” she said.

“We want more businesses to actively engage with environmental organisations and start integrating their values and actions into their daily business operations,” she said.

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Stone & Wood’s Festival of The Stone is Sunday 1 May with a cleanup taking from 1.00 – 3.00pm at Miami Beach and the after-party from 3.00 – 8.00pm at Miami SLSC. Dusty Boots, Matt Armitage and Aquila Young provide the clean up recovery tunes. Festival of the Stone also hits Byron on Saturday 14 May.

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