Straaying from the path

Formed in just 2015 by life-long friends Daniel Lawrie (vocals / guitar) and Filip Battley (bass), Straays offer a dose of 90s grunge reimagined for new audiences.

Having only just settled on drummer Tadhg to complete the band and only just playing their live debut, they’ve claimed the opening slot for Melbourne rockers Osaka plus have plans to hit the studio and release new music in coming months.  Samantha Morris sat down with the trio at Expressive Grounds to learn more.

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“We only just played our first gig last Friday,” the lads tell me as we get to know each other. “Had heaps of fun. It was a good turn-out.”

I do my research. It was a good turnout. There were 200+ people at their show. Quite a crowd for a live debut.

“We tried to keep it pretty mellow and not really tell anyone we were playing,” Daniel said.  “And then it was a bunch of crew there, that we knew.”

I ask the men to describe their sound and they say it’s pretty grungy. Pretty 90s.

“We’re into 90s sort of alternate stuff,” Daniel said. “We just want to play fast and make people throw shit.”

“I think there’s a big 90s resurgence at the moment and not a lot of bands are doing that. There are a few bands in Brisbane – like Violent Soho – and people are eating that stuff up now. I think there’s quite a demand for it.”

“It’s just so fun to play, we just evolved into that. We’ve just been getting heavier and heavier,” Tadhg added.

Tadhg is the newest addition to the band, discovered through an SMS exchange between the other two and a mutual friend.

“A friend said he could shred on drums and then we got together. He’s nearly too good for us,” Filip said.

“I always had a drum kit at my house, dad played music, did gigs and stuff,” Tadhg said. “Before I started school pretty much. I taught myself initially and then throughout school got a few lessons. Then through high school was in school percussion and learnt all the technical stuff – kind of taught myself.”

Tadhg has only just moved here from Western Australia. “I came over with a bunch of mates to just check the place out but never left,” he said.

Filip and Daniel on the other hand have been here forever and friends since kindergarten. They weren’t allowed to go to school together though, parents having decided it was probably best to keep them separate.

“We’re brothers, really,” Filip said.

The plan for Straays is to record two songs, see how they sound recorded and use that process as a bit of experiment to see if it’s a sound they want.

“We’ve got this idea of how we want to sound,” Daniel said. “It’s heavy.”

“But dynamic,” Filip adds. “And melodic and well-writen.”

“Not throwaway,” Tadhg says.

And when can we expect them?

“Before end of year I’d say,” Daniel said. We want to try and have something before then.”

Stay tuned.

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