Street Corner Espresso

1/1840 Lower Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads, Ph: 07 5520 0886

Coffee shops are the new community centres. They’re the places we meet, read the papers, catch up with friends and generally hang out.

If you live in Burleigh or Palmy, you’ve got tons of choice. In those suburbs, the coffee shops are as busy as Central Station. Everyone has their favourite place.

(Bad luck for you if you don’t drink coffee!)

But what can happen is that some places become a victim of their own popularity. Unless you can walk there, you can’t get a park nearby, your favourite seat is taken, you have to face the line up out the door for service, and the waiters are too busy to even say hello.

Damn! It’s time to find a new local.

Street Corner Espresso recently underwent a makeover and ownership change, and when we visited it was a breath of fresh air.

The café’s corner position gives lots of open air space for dining, all with views of the street. Open but under cover on both sides, there’s a laid back funky vibe to the place without feeling too hip and cool; an attitude reflected in the down-to-earth genuine service and ‘can do’ attitude. On our visit, nothing was too much trouble!

The menu is divided into two sections: ‘All day breakfast’ and ‘Lunch’, the latter available from 11.30am onwards. Get up late and you can have a Burger, Eggs Bene, Crèpe with scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled haloumi and tomato drizzled with hollandaise, or even Canadian pancakes with banana, bacon and maple syrup. Yum!

For our brunch, we settle on Sliders with pulled pork and apple slaw (15.9) and Corn fritters (GF & DF) with chilli jam (16). Usually accompanied by avo, there’s a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, cheerily remedied by the addition of smoked salmon. Who’s complaining! They’re generous and delicious meals, made from free range eggs, herbs from the kitchen garden, local seasonal produce, and with GF clearly marked – a place we can come to dine with intolerances and preferences easily catered for.

And the coffee? It’s Belaroma, smooth and not too strong, in our opinion, and if you’re planning a long lunch, BYO is welcome.

If you’re not a fan of a ‘packed to the rafters’ dining experience, there’s a lot to love about this particular street corner, especially while we don’t have to line up! (Yet!)

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