Streets Talk: Brett Hammond Drops Hard Hitting Debut EP

On the rise Gold Coast solo artist Brett Hammond has just dropped his impressive six track debut EP, ‘Streets Talk’, a broad ranging rock offering which masterfully showcases his emotive vocals and multi-instrumental talents.

The EP is resplendent in high octane, melodically tinged heavy rock belters, encapsulated in power packed numbers such as memorable second single, ‘A Simple Thing’, the insistent ‘The Ever Ticking Brain’ and the heavy riffing delight of ‘The Wrecking Ball’.

And while ‘Streets Talk’ may be the first fruits of Brett’s labour under his own name, he’s certainly no stranger to the music caper, having previously written and performed as part of Gold Coast act Misdirection from 2004 to 2010. Says Brett of the process he undertook to get these songs out there after nearly a decade between original musical projects; “It’s a good feeling, as it’s been a long time coming. A couple of these songs were written around ten years ago for Misdirection, my old band that broke up around that same time. Over the years since then, I’ve been chipping away with writing different styles, and demoing when I could at Core studios – I definitely took my time with the whole process. The actual recording sessions were pretty smooth, being that I’ve had these songs for so long. Also the fact I’ve been working with (producer) Nik Carpenter at Core Studios for so many years definitely made it easier. He is amazing!!”

Having grown up as part of a musically inclined family in Victoria, Brett’s multi instrumental talents came to the fore during the EP’s recording, as he explains; “I played all the instruments – drums, percussion, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keys and vocals. I did actually reach out to a couple of local guitarists for some guitar solos, but it just never lined up. The few people in my world around this recording process always said to “keep it just you”. So I stuck with it and dug deep, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was very young.”

For a taste of Brett Hammonds gutsy debut EP, ‘Streets Talk’, check out his film clip for the track ‘A Simple Thing’, where he displays his multi-instrumental talents as he belts the thumping number out in the studio.

The ‘Streets Talk’ EP is available now on all streaming sites. And keep a look out in the upcoming December issue of Blank Street Press, when we delve further into Brett’s musical background, his biggest influences and where he’s heading next..

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