STRONG WALK: A Rite of Passage Project

Usually an introductory sentence comes easily for me. Fingers fly to the keys and it just kind of happens. However for this particular assignment I find my tongue tied and my fingers frozen. The internal question looms: “How can I possibly make our BlankGC audience as passionate about supporting this project as myself?”

The options circle. How about the emotional blackmail angle…. If you don’t pledge to this project your parents, Jesus and myself shall forever be disappointed in you. Or there is the desperate plea for compassion…. By contributing to Strong Walk you can help solve global warming, save the starving children and create world peace. Or a simple truth…. This project gets me right in the feels. It is personal. I KNOW that pledging will directly enhance the experiences of a most deserving class of young adults, their families and the community members guiding their recovery.

Strong Walk is a project delivered by Creative Inclusive – a Gold Coast based, artist run, social enterprise. The Rite of Passage Project is an annual Theatre Action for Trauma Integration presented each year collaboratively with Creative Inclusive and Lives Lived Well.

Strong Walk will take place through a series of visual arts, theatre and therapeutic based workshops from October to December in 2015, leading to a final, stand-alone performance. The project has been delivered successfully for some years now – last year’s Rite of Passage Project was called ‘The Healing Story’.

Addiction is for now – and will probably remain for some years – a hotly debated topic. The causes of and solutions to it remain heavily shrouded in scepticism. For any readers who have been directly affected by the troubles and traumas of witnessing a loved one battle addiction, you need no convincing. The opposite end of the scale, the audience who insist on perpetuating the myth that it’s all a matter of will, will respond to no convincing. But those in the middle… The readers who feel perplexed by the way in which people are overcome with substance abuse, it is you I am shouting out to. Don’t take my word for it. Get actively involved. Find out for yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to start interacting directly with the community members who are embarking on the journey from addiction into the culture of recovery.

Thankyou all who took the time to read this far. Next is the action step. Please check out the campaign and make a pledge at – 

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