Strung Out are touring Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues

Explosive Californian punk legends Strung Out are heading back to Australia to tour their massive and much loved album, ‘Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues’. This is the first time they’ve toured the album in its entirety but it won’t be the only tunes smashing eardrums. Punters can also expect ear blasting, punk grin inducing favourites like ‘Analog’, and ‘Too Close To See’ from their epic catalogue. Jake Kiley, obviously really looking forward to the tour, spoke to Erin Bourne about the upcoming shows.

It’s one of our more popular albums that people seem to have requested a lot,” Jake explained. “It will get people psyched to come out.”

But don’t feel that the set list is completely locked down. Jake says the band is still working that out but that fans can be assured they’ll cover newer albums and the best of their entire catalogue.

“You know you have certain hits that you have to play every night, that will always be in the show but then there’s other songs that you can rotate around and do new stuff,” he said.

Although there is one criteria for the songs being included – and that is that the band has a new drummer, “so we’ll have to stick to the songs we’ve worked out with him.”

Which leads to the question of what happened to the drummer the band had for 20-odd years?

“We kind of just kept putting it off because we wanted to keep that original line up in tact but it got to a point where it was just completely counter-productive and I don’t think the band could have really existed in that situation any longer,” Jake explained.

As well as mixing up the lineup, the band’s also mixed up its sonic offering.

There is a lot to do still with the recent release of acoustic EP, ‘Black Out The Sky’.

‘That will be really cool you know, it’s the first time we’ve done something in acoustic format,” Jake said of new release. “It’s very stripped down and different from anything we’ve done so far.”

“There’s not a lot of drums but there’s a lot of other instrumentation on it and the vocals really sell the songs. It’s something we’ve been talking about doing for a while and last year we just decided to put some time into it and make it happen.”

“It’s a cool thing that we can interject into our set, we can do acoustic shows here and there. But it’s not like the new direction of the band or something like that.”

No need to panic about an ongoing focus on acoustic vibes though. Jake assures fans that while it was a fun experiment, Strung Out are already working on the next full electric record – possibly one of the most aggressive things they’ve released.

“It’s important as artists to challenge yourself from time to time and do something that is completely out of your comfort zone.”

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Strung Out will be bringing hits – new and old – to Miami Shark Bar on 23 June.

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