Getting Supersonic With boWsER

Local alt-rock juggernaut boWsER is a name that may elicit a case of deja vu for those with long musical memories. The band were active on the local scene in the mid to late 2000’s, signing a worldwide publishing deal with EMI and releasing a highly touted debut EP, ‘Modus Operandi’.

Fast forward to 2020 and following a deeply creative hiatus the band have recently re-emerged, delivering one of this year’s finest local releases in the form of their new single, ‘Supersonic’, its tight catchy riffage and instantly memorable chorus packing a tautly melodic punch that is sure to gain them a swathe of new fans.

It was clear to the band that they were onto a winner early on in the song’s evolution, as bass player Otto Mittler explains.

“It was such a pleasure to record ‘Supersonic’, we did it within just two takes in the studio. That’s the beautiful thing about a great song, it usually comes together really quickly and has that magical formula that just works.

“’Supersonic’ was written by Brad Weynton, our core songwriter and lead singer,” Otto continues.

“In the midst of recording our upcoming album it became obvious to everyone that this track had to be a single. It has an extremely catchy hook and a huge chorus and absolutely deserves its time in the spotlight.”

The animated clip for the track is also well worth checking out, with the band represented as animated neon robots, while also playing as a homage to much-loved 2000’s Gold Coast music venue The Chophouse. I ask Otto of the bands experiences with the venue and who was behind the clips animated wizardry.

“The Chophouse was iconic for the Gold Coast music scene in that era. So many amazing bands played there and we did our fair share of gigs at the venue. We all played in multiple bands so we performed with various outfits at the venue over the years and there were so many amazing moments. I actually met my wife there! The place has incredible memories for all of us,” recalls Otto.

“We worked with Smokehouse Productions on the clip, which is Carey O’Sullivan from Tijuana Cartel and Freddy Flyfingerz. The guys are incredibly talented. I put together a storyboard and took it to them with an idea of what I wanted. We hit the studio, did some filming and then they really pulled out some magic with their animation mastery. The Smokehouse lads created something that we are extremely happy with.”

With the aforementioned album, entitled ‘Whispers From The Wickerman’ in the works and scheduled to drop early in 2021, I asked Otto how it was shaping up.

“The album is very special to us in a few ways. Some of the songs on this album we recorded some time ago and we have been mixing and working on them with legendary producer Steve James, who is originally from the UK and has worked with so many great bands (Shihad, Superjesus, Skunkhour, Screaming Jets, Mental As Anything, Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, Electric Mary and soooo many more!).

“Steve has been incredible to us, a mentor and a great friend as well, and the coolest thing is he absolutely loves the music and plays it regularly to a lot of the big bands that he works with. The feedback from all of them has been incredible, it’s so good to know that some of the best bands around have been really enjoying the songs and we can’t wait to get it out there and share it with everyone.

“‘Supersonic’ has mild pop rock sensibilities, but when you hear the whole album I would say the majority of the songs are a bit heavier and darker. boWsER has this vibe that is heavy but at the same time has a groove to it. Kind of like a big Walrus on the dance floor, it barges on through and certainly leaves its mark.”

boWsER’s cranking new single, ‘Supersonic’, (which certainly barges on through and leaves its mark!) is available now, with their upcoming album, ‘Whispers From The Wickerman’ to be available on Spotify, Apple Music and through all major retailers in early 2021.

Check out the video for ‘Supersonic’ below:

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