Surfers Paradise Live features Cheap Fakes

Not long back from a whirlwind eleven day tour of NZ, Cheap Fakes will soon take to the stage for one of the Gold Coast’s favourite mini-festivals.

“We just packed as many shows as we could into that time and we definitely racked up a few miles,” Cheap Fakes frontman Hayden Andrews said of the NZ tour, which took in Napier, Auckland, Raglan, Wellington, Queenstown and more. “It was so much fun.”

It was much like a homecoming for Andrews as they also gigged in Masterton, his home town.

“It was possibly the best show of the whole tour, seeing all my friends and family,” he said. “It was a good base for me.”

Since returning, Cheap Fakes have been busy with shows around Queensland and Newcastle.

“We’ve just sort of been planning our next move as a band,” Andrews said before rattling off a bunch of tours on the horizon – Japan and NZ included.

“And I guess just for the next few months, we’re really busy with lots of festivals and also planning on what we’re going to do with next album.”

He said the new album is in its very early stages of development and he’s “really excited about that.”

When I ask about their last release Modern Vintage and the response he says “well, everyone loves it,” and chuckles. “I don’t know, yeah, but it’s been going really well.”

The new album though, is going to be “vastly different?”

“It’s going to be more organic,” Andrews said. “Going to do a lot of writing in the studio and a lot of the other boys are bringing more to the plate this time in terms of writing. Some of the stuff they’re coming up with is really really cool.”

And for Surfers Paradise Live? What’s on the cards?

“It’s just going to be party time,” Andrews said. “It’s a really cool lineup, so I think the people of Surfers Paradise are in for something special.”

Cheap Fakes play Surfers Paradise Live which runs 6 – 8 May.




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