Surf’s up! Tamam Shud return to the Gold Coast

It was the 70s when prog rock / surf band Tamam Shud last played some of their tripped-out live shows on the Gold Coast, but most will recall them for the timeless tracks they contributed to Australian surf film classics, Evolution, Hot Generation and the seminal Morning of the Earth. Pioneers of the genre in Australia, they initially shrugged off the label, before succumbing when it became all too clear.

Australian pop-weekly mag Go-Set at the time stated “The Shud are a surfing band.

“Now that their LP is selling faster than CBS can press it, they have stopped denying this fact.”

Internal conflicts and lineup changes saw a shift in the band’s sound and dynamic, with a more experimental approach taken, and many genres covered. By 1971 the group was touring Australia with a more rock vibe, but by 1972 the years of hard work had taken their toll, with band members wishing to go in different directions.

Reformations and break ups continued throughout the 90s and early 2000’s, until finally in 2016 Tamam Shud released a new album Eight Years of Moonlight. With this release is an opportunity to celebrate their latest recording.

“It starts with some surf-sounding stuff, but quickly goes into a tougher, almost punk sound,” describes guitarist Tim Gaze.

“It’s all guitars, bass and drums.”

As for band leader Lindsay Bjerre, he simply states “I haven’t changed – there’s still some pretty weird shit going on the songs I’m writing now!”

Andrew Kidman has been busy working on visual projections for Tamam Shud’s live shows with some ‘lost’ footage from the Albe Falzon archives along with some classic period visuals from the era.

Tamam Shud play The Great Northern in Byron on Thursday 16 March and the afternoon of Sunday 19 March at Soundlounge, Currumbin.

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