Sustainable Schools Network Launches 2020 Sustainability Symposium, online

Heading online to reach more people than ever before, the 2020 Sustainability Symposium is set to be an event of epic proportions.

The Sustainable Schools Network (SSN), is a local Gold Coast charity aiming to educate and connect school communities to imagine a sustainable future, and from 26 – 28 April they will do just that at the 2020 Sustainability Symposium.

This event undertakes a ‘Whole School’ approach to educating for sustainability with learning opportunities for students, teachers, parents, school principals and business managers.  The sustainability extravaganza addresses the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) providing the ‘glocal‘ context for the event.

SSN CEO Katie says, ‘We will focus especially on SDGs 11, 16 and 17, as we want school communities to understand sustainability is not just about the environment, it is also about social justice and good governance”.

The SSN formed in 2019 when they realised the challenges schools faced to lead behaviour change and deliver the cross-curriculum priority sustainability.

“We were finding sustainability champions within schools were often isolated and unsupported, so we felt the need to do something about that,” Katie reports.

“Bringing schools together to share resources, build supportive relationships and learn are great strategies to help design and deliver a visionary and sustainable future for generations to come,” Katie adds.

Currently facing the same challenges as all Australians during the COVID-19 crisis, the SSN has had to adapt quickly to ensure this crucial event can still go ahead. After all, despite a small temporary respite in air pollution, the planet hasn’t stopped needing us to take urgent care of its future.

The 2020 Sustainability Symposium was originally planned across two states which included four venues, over seven days.  But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the event will now be delivered online using YouTube and mostly involve open sourced content for school community engagement.

“We are looking forward to sharing the work of Jaimie Cloud, Luka Lesson, SUEZ, Glowing Green Australia, Container Exchange, Climate Wave Enterprise, OzHarvest, Envirotech, Study GC and the City of Gold Coast, among many others”, says Katie.

The highlight of the 2020 Sustainability Symposium will be the reinvented dinner, The ConnectED Feed.  Panelists Jamie Cloud, Alison Sammel, Cam Mackenzie and Damon Gameau will be facilitated by local legend Sam Morris to provoke a deeper understanding of what it means to educate for sustainability.  All the while ‘guests’ will enjoy a DIY sustainably-sourced meal wearing their version of sustainable fashion.

The SSN runs from 26 – 28 April and is supported by major sponsors SUEZ, City of Gold Coast and SEQ Water.  For more information email or visit

IMAGE: International Sustainability Educator Jaimie Cloud will present at the event.

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