Sustainable Social, zero waste night market new on the scene

The newest gathering of good people, ideas and food on the Gold Coast is none other than Sustainable Social. Plugged as an evening to socialise with like-minded individuals and learn more about sustainability, it’s a delightful monthly pop-up affair in Miami.

Brainchild of 21 year old Elijah McQuinn, the social began in late 2018 when he was in the early stages of creating a zero waste bulk food store.

“I wanted to connect with other people and businesses that shared the same eco-friendly values to create a positive environment for us to all share our ideas and products” he tells us.

Sustainable Social is like a night market that got a serious conscience and asked all its guests to bring their own re-usable cups and cutlery to the party. For those that forget, that’s ok, because all food vendors have minimised their waste and offer only fully recyclable or compostable plant-based materials.

At this awesome party expect to enjoy delicious plant-based cuisine and listen to a free talk about sustainability while sipping on your sweet and spicy chai. Peruse local boutique eco-stores selling handmade wares sourced ethically and made from natural fibres. The stallholders are all zero waste entrepreneurs passionate about their cause and keen to chat.

Sustainable Social resides at Karma Collab in Miami, a high-ceilinged creative space bedecked with plants and reclaimed furniture. There’s a small courtyard for food vendors and a back room for yoga. For an event focused on sustainable and simple living, it’s the perfect setting. To top it all off (what more, you ask?) the event is dog friendly.

Elijah is passionate about introducing people to zero waste, but in a positive ‘hey isn’t it great we have all these choices now’ kind of way. “Growing up I never really thought about the environmental impacts of my food choices until I moved to a plant-based diet” he says.

“I now strongly believe that food is greatly connected to sustainability.” He wants to help guide others on their journey towards zero waste.

’The Good Lane’ is Elijah’s next exciting project. He plans to launch a zero waste, plant-based marketplace and retail space later this year.

We already have Australia’s first permanent vegan food market on our doorsteps (Lovechild in Miami – if you haven’t been there you’ve been living under a rock). And very soon a space for multiple food, home, fashion and beauty ventures to call home.

So it seems that our envious Gold Coast lifestyle has more than great surf, coffee and a burgeoning cultural scene to offer (we already knew that though). A wave of ethically minded business folk and conscious consumers are helping to challenge the status quo and offer up new lifestyle incentives for us all.

Come to the party at Sustainable Social on Sunday 2 June and become part of this evolution!


Next Sustainable Social is Sunday 2 June, 4pm-8pm at Karma Collab Hub, 47 Lemana Lane, Miami. Visit @sustainablesocial on Instagram to buy tickets in advance / $7 + BF or pay on the door.
Send expressions of interest for The Good Lane via Instagram to @ecoelijah.

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