Film review: Suzi Q

‘Suzi Q’ is the story of the first and ultimate female rock and roll star. But in all truth Suzi transcends gender, she is a rock god regardless. This Australian-made documentary follows the story of the first-ever rock chick to play bass and front a rock n roll band, inspiring women everywhere to pick up the guitar, drums or whatever and rock out. It does pay homage to women before her, but there is, and ever will be one Suzi Q. Pretty fitting that it is Australian made documentary, as Australia has always been one of the biggest fan bases for Quatro since her first number 1 hit, ‘Can the Can’ in 1973.

Following her life from a little girl in Detroit, the film shows her fight to get all the way to the top.  It goes deep as she reflects on how she wanted success at all costs, as well as her family conflicts and jealousies, particularly with older sister Patti.

Joan Jett and the Runaways, Deborah Harry of Blondie, L7, Alice Cooper and Talking Heads, all rave about how inspired they were by her. The list of rock and roll icons that pay tribute to is lengthy.

Some great archival footage, showing the teenage Quatro, and interviews and live performances really let you in, and Suzi Quatro herself does not hold back on some regrets, personal issues, and the loss of her youth, on the road from very early teenage years.

It is a great documentary, inspiring and nostalgic, but is not sugar-coated in any way. Suzi Q is a legend that has still got it in spades.

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