Sweet revenge for Black Rabbit George

“’Bring You In’ is a bit of a revenge song,” says Paul George, AKA Black Rabbit George about his latest release. It’s a steep contrast to prior single ‘Pray’. ‘Bring you In’ evokes a sense of mystery and desire with simple lyrics layered over Paul’s signature flamenco-esque guitar. And there’s another striking change too. The addition of drummer Adam Felton.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work together,” Paul said.

“I played all the other instruments, mainly guitar and bass… and there’s quite a few tamborine tracks too.”

“In the end I took the song to my writing mate from Tijuana Cartel, Carey O’Sullivan, he has a pretty amazing studio and he knows how I like things to sound.”

“He hates folk music however, so it took a little bit to bring him ‘round.”

Paul says he wanted to create something a little sinister with this track, intentionally keeping the lyrics simple and ambiguous.

“I’d been listening to a lot of music in the Australian folk music scene and thought there was perhaps too many sweet sounding tunes, so I wanted to have a crack at the opposite, he told Blank Gold Coast. “I wanted to concentrate on the feel of the music more than the actual story of the lyrics.”

Paul has told us before that writing doesn’t always come easy for him and he says in this instance the song just sort of landed “like that.”

“Writing can seem to be a rather pained experience, it’s a good sort of pain though when I feel I get it right.”

“I do practice writing, I’ll try writing songs in different styles, I practice poetry and I’ve taken the odd creative writing course. Though at some stage I try to forget all that and just see what comes out naturally,” Paul said.

“It all seems like such an endless process.”

Not unexpectedly, Paul has discovered a new audience for his folk project.

“There are a few that come from hearing Tijuana Cartel, but all in all it’s like starting over again. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what defines the crowd, there seems to be a cross section of all ages.”

And while he’s trying to take it one thing at a time, there’s plenty on the horizon for Black Rabbit George.

“We’ve got a lot planned, tours, albums, books… I’m starting to feel comfortable within the music and I want to follow that feeling,” he said.

If you haven’t heard ‘Bring You In’, I implore you to do so. For a revenge song, it’s simply beautiful and Paul’s guitar work really shines. You can also see for yourself why he’s building a solid fan base across the folk genre to add to the legion of Tijuana Cartel fans at a bunch of gigs through September and October.

Check out ‘Bring You In’ below:

Black Rabbit George tour dates

Friday 15 September 2017 – Stag and Hunter, Newcastle NSW

Sunday 17 September 2017 – Nimbin Roots Festival, Nimbin NSW

Thursday 21 September 2017, –  Beach Hotel, Byron Bay NSW

Friday 29 September 2017 – Wallaby Creek Festival, Rossville QLD

Monday 2 October 2017 – Caloundra Music Festival, Caloundra QLD

Friday 20 October 2017 – Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna QLD

Sunday 22 October 2017 – Flow Bar, Old Bar NSW

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