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“My swell piece is an interactive sound sculpture made from PVC pipe,” Rebecca explains, when we meet at The Soundlounge for a chat. “A few years ago I was in a RMIT university sculpture festival called ArtLand and created my first public art piece – the piece was two tin cans, copper cable and a gramophone horn – the idea of that was bringing back the power of the voice,” she said, adding that she always wanted to create something bigger. The idea is to bring back communication; the use of voice in a fun way without using an electronic device.

“It’ll be like a maze of pipes – so they won’t know where their voice will come out.”

And it’s not just the physical sculpture that Rebecca will be exhibiting on the beach. At specific times, local voices will be incorporated into the piece. “One morning will be chanting at sunrise, another will be a community choir and I’ve also locked in Claire Cottone to do a voice harmonizing workshop,” she said.

Tessa Bergan, Conrad Johnsson + Rebecca Cunningham

Tessa Bergan, Conrad Johnsson + Rebecca Cunningham

I feel like a lot of people think they’ll be shut down if their opinion is shared. And so, I just want people to feel like they can be heard,” Rebecca said. “One thing that keeps coming up for me with this sculpture is allowing people to communicate heart-to-heart and face-to-face.”


Tell me what’s so cool about Swell?

It’s for everybody. It’s outside. It’s accessible. No matter how old or young or if you have money or not. It’s fun.


Images: LAMP Photography

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