SWELL commissions sculpture for Gold Coast Music Awards

Gold Coast Music Awards and SWELL Sculpture Festival today announced a creative partnership that will benefit artists and musicians on the Gold Coast.

SWELL has come on board as a major creative partner for the first Gold Coast Music Awards in 20 years. The partnership will see SWELL commission a local artist to create a mould that will be used to make the six trophies awarded to category winners.

Samantha Morris is one of the organisers of the Gold Coast Music Awards and said the partnership truly captured the essence of partnerships that happen across the cultural sector on the Gold Coast.

“One of the things we want to highlight in this first year of the Music Awards is how creative people work together to make magic happen on the Gold Coast,” Samantha said. “This partnership with SWELL is one of several we’re cultivating for the event.”

And SWELL has already stepped up to the plate, selecting one of the Gold Coast’s most eager sculptors to take on the challenge for the Awards’ inaugural year.

“Of course it’s difficult to pick one artist when we’ve got such an incredible melting pot of talent here,” Natasha Edwards, SWELL Director, said.  “But this artist brings such a unique perspective and we believe will make something special. These Music Award winners will want to have this piece proudly displayed for years to come.”

Natasha announced that the first commissioned artist to create the Gold Coast Music Awards trophies is Dion Parker.

Dion will sculpt the trophy and design a mould that will be used for this year as well as coming years. He will also create a one-off piece of sculpted art for the People’s Choice Award winner.

“We don’t even know what that will look like yet,” Natasha said. “It will be a unique piece, created by Dion, especially for the People’s Choice winner.”

Samantha said the trophies would form part of the prize pool available to winners and finalists.

“Along with SWELL we have been working with dozens of creative partners across the Gold Coast who want to reward the hard-working musicians who end up as finalists and winners,” she said.

“It’s been an absolute delight to watch the generous offers come in. It’s testament to the strength of the cultural scene here on the Gold Coast.”

Natasha agreed. “We are so proud to be involved in bringing people together through events like the Music Awards,” she said.

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Nominations for the Gold Coast Music Awards close 31 May 2015. The Awards will be judged by an independent panel and the ceremony takes place on Wednesday 22 July at Burleigh Brewing Co. More at gcmusicawards.com.au.


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