Swim with turtles, climb buildings and go on safari, without leaving Southport

Last weekend, while our coast was being hit with 90km winds and beaches were closed, Blank GC’s Chris Barron swam with turtles without leaving Southport. Although wild weather drenched our city in rain, he climbed across the roofs of buildings, went on safari, and ran with wild elephants. He could even fly. Well, virtually anyway.

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Hologram reality rooms have existed in the realm of science fiction for decades, making frequent appearance across pop culture in Star Wars, Minority Report, Star Trek and Futurama to name a few. They are also the latest fictional invention along with the hot air balloon, robot vacuums and the hover board to become a reality.

CEO of Euclideon Bruce Dell, told Blank that the Gold Coast was an easy decision as the city to open the world’s first hologram room facility, as the city was the tourism capital of the southern hemisphere.

Holoverse had its grand opening on Saturday, offering 40 rooms providing hologram simulated experiences in Southport. The company is also currently building holo-centres in Melbourne, Canberra, eight across China, and two in Europe.

The experience begins with an induction to holographic adventure, where you don a utility belt, glasses, earphones, and a wand. Each participate is then allocated their own room, and the experience begins. The walls turn invisible, and reality disappears as you are transported into another world.

The price of admission comes with a plethora of different experiences, with the designers still developing more. Participants will clench as they are charged at by a stampede of animals, and literally feel the dropping sensation in their stomach as they jump off a building. They will walk through walls, explore underwater, and fly. The Holoverse experience is complemented by fantastic service, and fresh popcorn. With ample parking outside, this is the latest and coolest place to check out.

During the month of June, Holoverse is offering a special promotional entrance fee of $25. www.holoverse.com.au


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