Syrup, Go On | Joyful Hesitation EP review

Syrup, Go On (reader challenge: think of any other band name with a comma in it, go on) are an indie/shoegaze band from the Gold Coast who’ve just released a four-track EP called ‘Joyful Hesitation’.

The opening track, ‘Mantaray’, is a three minute tour de force of late 80s My Bloody Valentine with little bits of Ringo Deathstarr sugary goodness sprinkled across the top. Blissful melodies and beautiful vocals sit on a thick bed of layered guitar parts, and it’s pretty hard to sit still during this tune.

This is followed by the title track, which is a slower song with a lot more space in the verses, but loud choruses with big guitars follow. This track reminds me strongly of American 90s shoegazers Medicine, especially the overdriven lead parts.

We’re back into early MBV territory with the third track, ‘Adore’, a short snappy pop song with thick guitars. And the EP closer, their interpretation of Violent Soho’s ‘Waco’, is a slower and much more moodier piece than the other three, but shows these guys have multiple strings to their bow. I reckon this cover of ‘Waco’ would sound massive live, and for me, it’s the highlight of the EP. There’s space in the verses, with chorus-laden guitars underpinning heavily reverbed vocals, but the wall of guitars that kicks in at the start of each chorus is pretty special, especially listening on headphones.

This EP is incredibly well recorded and mixed – even though there are dozens of guitar parts, everything is really easy to hear. But I reckon they’d sound even better live. So get out and see Syrup, Go On” when they play at your local.

The shoegaze community in Australia is small, and every time a new band pops up from under the rug with armfuls of guitar pedals, we must support them!

Go on!

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