Taylor: Breathly Bewonderment

For those with a penchant for heartfelt, folk inflected pop-rock with a darkly theatrical bent in turns intricate, sweepingly moody and drivingly rousing, then beguiling Gold Coast five piece Taylor may be just the act for you.

The band’s creative force, singer songwriter David Taylor, delivers his musical vision, honed from his varied life experiences and immersive overseas travels, with passion and panache, augmented by long time musical cohorts and good pals Nick Stewart (previously of ARIA award winning band George), Michael McCartney, Crick Boue and multi instrumental wonder Scott French.

Since 2010 the band have delivered two highly impressive, stylistically contrasting full length albums, steadily going about building up a loyal following for their swooning oeuvre. And this year has seen them deliver two standout singles in the form of the gorgeously moving ‘Little Tornado’ and the moody, driving ‘Crush Me’.

These tracks serve as a precursor to (and will be contained on), the bands outstanding new EP, ‘One Long Breath’, which was recorded in the classic ‘reel to reel’ live to tape format of yore at The Aviary studio in Melbourne, with on-the-rise producer and muso George Carpenter at the helm.

Taylor are currently gearing up for the EP’s imminent release on 16 November. Having recently toured with Boy And Bear and The Whitlams, the band will celebrate its unfurling by shortly performing a highly anticipated South East QLD headlining show at the Currumbin Soundlounge on the day of the EP’s release.

In the lead up, we had an enlightening chat with David Taylor himself.

Stylistically, where does the new EP, ‘One Long Breath’, sit in relation to your previous body of work?

In the past our records have pointed to a particular time. This collection of songs represent the band at its best. There’s the intricate parts woven over our signature storytelling as you’d expect, but we managed to capture a little of the humour of our live shows as well. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still deliciously dark.

What was it like working with George Carpenter in the studio?

George felt like the sixth member of the band. His production and engineering talent is immense, but his ability to hold the space required to create something special absolutely blew me away.

Can you describe the process of recording the EP ‘live to tape’ in the classic reel-to-reel format?

It’s always been a dream of mine to record live to tape and I finally had the right songs and musicians and the right engineer and studio to do it in the way I wanted. It’s all about preproduction and rehearsing so you can walk in, plug in and lay it down. Having said that, you have to be careful not to over rehearse and be stale. It’s a tightrope and you need your best pants on when it matters.

Can you enlighten us on a few of your primary musical influences?

One of the lines from our song ‘Cut and Run’ is ‘sad songs make me happy and I’ll sing them to my grave’. I believe I saw something similar to that on a t-shirt once and it resonated with me. I’ve always loved Dave Matthews but I find a lot of my inspiration in literature. My favourite authors are Haruki Murakami and Tim Winton.

Have you been able to keep a relatively stable line up of Taylor, the band? And how important are your musical cohorts in relation to achieving your song writing vision and aspirations?

It’s been about ten years now and we’re still all playing together. Not only that, we actually like each other! My band are my best friends and when we’re not playing music together we’re still hanging out. Geez that sounds soppy!

How do you go about finding a balance between your creative self and the responsibilities of everyday life?

That’s simple, you just sacrifice everything in your life in the name of creativity and your art.

Looking ahead, how is 2019 shaping up so far for Taylor, musically speaking?

Well we’re super excited about getting this sexy vinyl EP out. From there it’s onwards and upwards..there’s talk of a show on the moon. Come to the Soundlounge first though.

_ _ _

Taylor launch ‘One Long Breath’ at Soundlounge, 16 November with Karl S Williams in support.

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