Ten things you probably don’t know about the Gold Coast Airport Marathon


  1. Over 28,000 is the record for the number of participants across all races in 2012 with the largest number of marathon participants being 5,732 (also in 2012).
  2. People come from around the world with 67 different countries represented in 2014. Out of the 27,157 participants last year, 3,108 were from overseas (11.5%).
  3. Global television reach with the 2014 event resulted in 1,133 hours of air time with a potential audience of 755 million households across 86 countries.
  4. 2014 marathon winners and reigning champions are Kenya’s Silah Limo (men) Japan’s Asami Kato (women), Australia’s Nathan Arkley (wheelchair men) and Australia’s Rosemary Little (wheelchair women).
  5. Race record holders for the marathon are Yukiko Akaba (Japan), 2:27:17 – 2013 (women) and Silah Limo (Kenya), 2:09:14 (men)
  6. 2015 is the 10th year that Cancer Council Queensland has been the official charity for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.
  7. A huge volunteer force of more than 1,200 people of all ages work on the Gold Coast Airport Marathon this year as part of the Suncorp Bank Volunteer Program.
  8. Pacing support is provided by a group called thePat Carroll Online & Onland Pacers for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and the ASICS Half Marathon races to help runners achieve their target times. These pacers are experienced runners who maintain an even pace throughout the race so participants can run with them to the finish line.
  9. Oldest entrants for 2015 will include 30 people over 80 whohave alreadyentered into a Gold Coast Airport Marathon race this year.
  10. The most number of years of participation goes to 73 year old Graeme McLennan from Grafton. He has finished 31 marathons and one half marathon over this time, with his best marathon time being 3:28:58 in 1988. Last year he finished in just over five hours.

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Gold Coast Airport Marathon runs 4 – 5 July.

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