Tesla Cøils premiere new single and video: Escape Pod

Tesla Coils have the ultimate Christmas gift for lovers of catchy electro-pop from the retro-future.

The duo have unleashed another dark electronic number to fill out what’s been a big year. Escape Pod, recorded live at Core Studios and premiered right here comes off the back of their debut EP Emergence of the Cosmic Monolith.

The track was recorded by Core Studio’s Nik Carpenter and is part of the prize the band collected from winning the Hard Rock Rising competition earlier in the year.

Watch the video and then keep reading our interview with frontman Jed Wølters.

“Nik was gracious enough to host this project of ours at his prestigious studio,” Jed told Blank Gold Coast. “Core has such warm and comfortable vibe about it – leather couches, great vintage outboard gear.”

As we’ve come to know with Tesla Coils, music is as much a visual offering as it is auditory. Jed said they were never going to ‘just’ record a single.

“After our visual EP we wanted to do something different,” he said, “so we arranged with our dear friend Jay Jermyn (Veople) to come along and film the whole process, which made for an awesome live studio video.”

2016 was a good year for Tesla Cøils who started the year by declaring in a meeting in early January that it was going to be the their “year of emergence”.

“What a year it was,” Jed said. “We were so lucky to get all of the opportunities we did this year.”

“Firstly, just watching our five-film clip visual EP, that we shot, directed and edited all by ourselves just felt so invigorating, as was all the love and support we got from our family and friends.”

“Winning the Hard Rock Rising competition was another spark which helped our trajectory as a band, which ultimately led to our fantastic opportunity to perform at Bigsound, which was just an awesome day, great stage and such a responsive crowd.”

So if 2016 was the year of Tesla Cøils’ emergence, what will 2017 bring?

“More music, more DIY-film clips, more shows, and interstate tours,” Jed said.

Tesla Coils is Jed Wolters and Chris Dennis. Feature image: Dan Maynard Photography.


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