The art of the movie poster explored at Hillier and Skuse

Movie posters influence how we see a film. They’re a powerful visual tool that sometimes determine whether a film will reach an audience, and what that audience will be expecting when the curtains are drawn back.

Before the dawn of this digital evolution, noteable artists were often commissioned to make the posters which accompanied movies. And those posters were frequently viewed as an artform themselves. Not only did they play a role in advertising and marketing a film, but in promoting the film industry as a whole.

The art of the movie poster will be the focus of an exhibition which opens at Hillier and Skuse this month. Eva Breckon is the guest curator.

She said her goal was “to offer as varied as possible samples of great movie posters in the cult/b-movie, and noir genres, staying largely true to the originals, yet interpreted by the artists.”

Eva has been a cineaste since her teenage years. “I still am,” she said. “Though I don’t collect posters these days. I personally prefer the old hand painted posters where the artist’s brush strokes are still visible connecting the viewer with a human hand rather than a digital code.”

Eva said she hopes that people will feel encouraged to explore the movie poster art form.

Cinefiend: a tribute to movie poster art will feature famous movie posters  from B-movie/cult/noir genres that have been re-interpreted, re-painted and re-made, yet staying very close to the originals. The exhibition will comprise around 60 works of art.

On show will be works made by artists: Eva Breckon-Thomas, Jesse Breckon-Thomas and Kyan Rain De Vere.

Complementing the poster exhibition will be a space in the exhibition dedicated to the screening of a “Trailer Reel” of B-movies, film noir and cult, presented and made by Andrew Levold, director of films The search for Weng Weng and The Last Pinoy Action Hero.

Film Screenings (7.00pm, free):

>> Search for Weng Weng, 1 April

>> Metropolis, 8 April

>> Night of the Living Dead, 15 April

>> Cat ‘o Nine Tails, Friday 22 April

Exhibition runs 1 – 30 April. Hillier and Skuse is located at 88 – 90 Bundall Road, Bundall.

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