The Beards have it

Maria de Losa is an ideas woman, there’s no doubt about it. Last year she ran a heavy metal festival raising funds for Autism Queensland. This year she’s launching a new range of beard grooming products. And she’s asking for your help to get it off the ground.

“The idea started because my partner has this amazing moustache and wanted to style it, but like me, he didn’t want to just go buy some random product without knowing the ingredients.”

“I already make his deodorant, dry shampoo, shoe powder so I figured Id just make him a moustache wax. I made it up in a drinking glass from our cupboard and he still uses that. It worked really well so I made a pomade for his brother. Then I thought if they want it, then other people probably want it to. I listed them on eBay a couple weeks ago and I’ve sold a fair few but it’s hard to get the word out just on eBay.”

So, she’s running a campaign to take it to the next level. The products are organic and she offers a vegan option too.

“If you have the option to do something organic that doesnt kill any animals then why not?” Maria asks. “It’s pretty cool to have products that are edible. They’d taste like shit, but they are edible.”

You can chip in online and order your facial hair grooming products right now at

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