The Beasts take on a monster Australian tour

There is no bourbon without Spencer P Jones and Brian Hooper to pour the drinks

This March will see Tex Perkins and his cohorts of booze-soaked, cowboy-psyche rock ‘n’ rollers tour Australia for the first time under the moniker of The Beasts. It is still a legendary line up of amazing musicians, with Kym Salmon and Boris Sudjovic of the Scientists (and Beasts of Bourbon originals), Charlie Owen (of Tex, Don, and Charlie and the New Christs), plus Tony Pola, long-time drummer for the Beasts of Bourbon and Kim Salmon and the Surrealists.

The band no longer will be called the Beasts of Bourbon, with the passing of songwriter/guitarist Spencer P Jones, and bass player Brian Hooper. They did produce a new album before their passing, but sadly, Hooper didn’t live long enough to make it to the sessions. Jones did get onto one track. But the remaining Beasts decided to press on, and will release an album called ‘Still Here’ on Friday 15 February.

You can guarantee the performances will be bringing the “Evil” Tex Perkins out of the cupboard, and it will be dirty, driving, ear-shattering rock ‘n’ roll. Catch them on Friday 1 of March at the Great Northern at Byron Bay, or Saturday 2 of March at the Triffid in Brisbane. Tickets here.

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