The Beasts: Hot Off The Grill At The Kingscliff Hotel

Grizzled rock survivors The Beasts are currently trekking the country on a 12 run date of shows to bring down the curtain on a period in their history that was both tumultuous and rejuvenating. Having dealt with the tragic 2018 passing of both Spencer P Jones and Brian Hooper from within the bands ranks, the start of 2019 saw the band formerly known as The Beasts Of Bourbon shorten their moniker, as both a mark of respect to fallen comrades and also to signify a new chapter in their ongoing tenure. They also hit the road to promote their latest album, the knowingly titled ‘Still Here’, as well as to celebrate the legacy of their fellow hallowed rock and roll soldiers.

On the line with charismatic front man Tex Perkins, he puts this period into context with typical candour: “The last tour was the final culmination of the passing of Brian and Spencer, it was the end of that mourning period really. And I guess what came out of it was this new combination of personnel, who had all been in the Beasts Of Bourbon across the bands 35 years, but not at the same time. So it was the end of something, but also the beginning of something. And it was the rebirth of Kim Salmon and my recording relationship. What we found was a new chapter..the remaining Beasts, we all got the sense that we were closer to the end than to the beginning, so we want to cherish every moment really.”

When I ask Tex about the topic of how the rehearsals for the current tour were progressing, his mirthful reply certainly befits the image of the band as a loose, untamed entity; “We haven’t had any rehearsals yet. We’ll do it a few days before the first gig in Geelong. A two day rehearsal is a big rehearsal..I mean, we know what we’re doing! Everyone’s got a set list in mind and we’ll be chatting it through soon. I imagine it’ll come together very quickly when we get together. We’ve always preferred music hot off the grill rather than slow cooked.”

Across their broad ranging musical journey The Beasts have displayed a penchant for sprinkling their records with judiciously selected covers. Upon asking Tex about the inclusion of the Warren Zevon track ‘My Shit’s Fucked Up’ on the latest album, he puts its selection into meaningful context; “When Spencer put forward the song ‘At The Hospital’ as his contribution to the record, that sort of became the centrepiece of the album. And it then became obvious that (the record) should be somewhat of a concept album. Everything on the album was mostly about what was going on at the time with Spencer and Brian. We made sure we had a song on there that represented Brian. And there’s a song that Kim’s had for years called ‘Pearls Before Swine’ which looks at the mythology of The Beasts Of Bourbon. So that Zevon track – it’s about him turning up to the doctor, became totally part of the concept.”

Wrapping up our conversation with a query on whether there are any concrete plans within the belly of The Beast(s) heading into 2020, Tex signs off with typical humour: “I won’t call things concrete, but there’s definitely wet cement. We’d definitely like to record again.”

If you like your music hot off the grill and sizzling, make sure you book yourself in for a date with The Beasts on 13 December at the Kingscliff Hotel. We’ll leave the final word with Mr Perkins: “We’re really looking forward to playing the Kingscliff Hotel. And we’re gonna be bringing Adalita with us..she’s breathtaking solo.. It’s gonna be full on!”

The Beasts full run of Qld/Northern NSW shows are as follows:

Thursday 12th December 2019 – The Triffid, Brisbane

Friday 13th December 2019 – Kingscliff Beach Hotel, Kingscliff

Saturday 14th December 2019 – Sol Bar, Maroochydore

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