The Beasts: Still Here… for the first time

Any band that has Tex Perkins, Kim Salmon, Boris Sudjovic, Charlie Owens and Tony Pola in the mix has to be worth checking out. The Beasts are what remains of the Beasts of Bourbon, after the passing of original rock ‘n’ roll legend Spencer P Jones and bass player Brian Hooper. Now the Beasts are touring with new material from album ‘Still Here’. We had a chat to bass player Boris Sujdovic on the new album and upcoming tour.

It’s been over three decades since the recording of the Beasts of Bourbon Classic, ‘The Axeman’s Jazz’. The legend surrounding that recording session has gone down in folklore, how was the recording of the new Beasts album, was it a bit more subdued?

Well the method was similar, but this time we were all standing up, yeah..

How are the rehearsals for the shows going, you blokes must all know each other pretty well by now?

Rehearsals are going pretty good,  but rehearsals are rehearsals. Sometimes they sound great, sometimes they sound like you just want to get out of the room. That’s just the way it is.

The new album ‘Still Here’ seems to have a bit of everything, all the moods of the former Beasts of Bourbon from the early stuff to later on, how do you reckon it will translate live?

Pretty good I think. Because basically when we recorded the album, it was live anyway, we didn’t rehearse them before we went in, and we didn’t do too much to them, we just learnt the songs when we were in the studio, and as we were learning them we recorded them. So we recorded them pretty much live.

So similar, but probably not as intoxicated when you recorded ‘The Axeman’s Jazz’?

Yeah, nah…. I can’t remember ‘The Axeman’s Jazz’, haha… but yeah I do remember this album.

So Spencer came in and recorded with you on one song, that must of been pretty moving?

Yeah it was. We didn’t realise, like we knew he was ill, but didn’t realise he would pass away so soon after the recording. That was the whole idea, that’s why this album exists, we just wanted to get in the studio while Spencer was still around, if he hadn’t been able to make it, I don’t know if the album would of happened.

I love the album and it seems to have a bit of kick, and a bit of everything, what can the punters expect at the upcoming shows?

We will be doing some stuff from the new album, plus we will be doing a whole lot of Beasts of Bourbon stuff. I played off and on with the band since I left, and I played a festival in Europe with The Beasts last yeah, it seems like it is just like it always was I guess. Like Tex and Kim are great to work with, they are both so talented and Charlie (Owen) is a great guitarist. It going to be a great show, if you are into the Beasts, you want to come along.

Catch The Beasts at The Northern Byron Bay on Friday 1 March and Saturday 2nd March 2019 at The Triffid, Brisbane. Tickets here.

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