The Bubble Effect at Bleach* Festival 2016

What a great evening out with my two little ones! After enjoying dinner at the Robina Town Centre Promenade and burning off the excess energy in the playground, the music started and the crowd gathered. The pre-show warm up involved a silver spaceman DJ on a Segway teaching us how to ‘shake the apple’ (google it) and with the crowd all warmed up and the show about to begin the heavens open right on cue.

Lucky for these performers, being in a huge plastic bubble meant that they were drier than the rest of us. Actually for us the summer rain only added a fourth dimension to the show and did not deter the 200 or so people gathered to watch.

With the children dancing along to the disco tracks, the Bubble Effect was a live show of physical theatre, dance and acrobatics captured within three oversized inflatable bubbles that created a visual feast for the whole family.

We really are lucky to be able to celebrate our arts and culture through a festival as fantastic as Bleach*.

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