The Cave dishes up a new liquid treat

The Cave is bringing together a group of artists whose passion for the ocean is evident in what they produce with their hearts and hands.

Say hello to Liquid, taking place Saturday 26 April at the popular Nobby’s hangout.

Antonia Robinson lives in Miami and has been painting and creating for some time. She’s curating the exhibition where her work will sit beside that of five other artists.

“I’ve organised this exhibition to promote art and culture on the GC,” she said. “And bring the community together to have a great night.”

Most of us living on the Gold Coast have a connection to the ocean and this exhibition will focus on how the sea has inspired artistic creativity. The works of Marcus Brightmore, Greg McDonald, Dan Filipo, Rowan Klevstul and Aaron (Harvest Boards) will be featured.

“The ocean is a massive part of why people decide to reside on the GC,” Antonia said. “Whether it’s someone sitting on the beach, out for a surf … art inspired by the beach … it evokes the feelings of why we choose to be here.”

Antonia is quick to pinpoint one of the greatest challenges for local Gold Coast artists and it won’t come as a surprise to Blank readers.

“I think the biggest challenge is getting your name known. There is so much talent on the GC and it’s just a matter of artists being recognised for the gift they have.”

So, you know, get out there and support local artists. And Liquid is a good place to start. As well as the offerings of these talented local artists, Hans Solo, Gold Coast’s very own one man band with a love of the ocean will be performing as well.

Entry is by gold coin donation.

Liquid Exhibition
The Cave Nobby Beach
Saturday 26 April, 7.00pm

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