The Chats: On The Bill For The Best Night Ever At Miami Marketta

Hitting the festive sweet spot between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Sunday 29 December sees the third instalment of the annual Best Night Ever Festival, this time taking place at Miami Marketta.

With Young Henrys onboard as official drinks sponsor, by the time you read this the secret headline act will have been announced, joining an already killer, guitar-centric line up featuring Bad//Dreems (who’ve just released their highly anticipated new album, ‘Doomsday Ballet’), as well as The Bennies, Clowns, Ruby Fields, Being Jane Lane, Radolescent and Press Club.

And add to that impressive list irreverent pub-punk trio The Chats, whose meteoric rise has seen them recently take to Europe to show our northern hemisphere rock brethren a thing or two about lean riffs and the fine art of knocking back tinnies. While on the tour trail we managed to get a few words out of the lads. 

How’s the European tour going – have there been any particular highlights?

The tour is reaching pinnacle status right now, we are on fire, our livers and playing skills are working overdrive and performing to their maximum potential, we truly are works of art.

I see you’re playing Holland and Germany. How are you guys going with all the very cheap beer over that way – are you enjoying picking up $3 tallies from the supermarket at 10am? 

$3? That’s pretty cheap, we generally drink the rider then they bring us more.

What’s the food been like – any strange new delicacies you’ve discovered along the way?

We like to consider ourselves modern day connoisseurs of the kebab and so far Berlin has offered one of the best kebabs in the world.

I saw you guys at the Shark Bar (aka ‘the Sharkie’) before it sadly became a bistro recently. Did you enjoy the vibe when you played there?

It always had the pungent odour of piss and sticky carpet, of course we loved playing there.

What was it like playing on bills with The Cosmic Psychos – were they blokes you could trust?

Knighty, Macka and Dean are indeed blokes you can trust, in fact they are full of many pearls of wisdom regarding drinking, hangover cures and kebabs.

You’ll be back on the Gold Coast at the end of December as part of the Best Night Ever festival. What can we expect from you guys on the night?

You can expect wailing guitar solos, pyrotechnics, skateboard ramps, confetti cannons, flame throwers and any other stupid shit we can think of.

What’s in store in the world of The Chats for 2020?  

Our debut full length record!

Best Night Ever is officially sold out, as per previous years. If you missed out, be sure to get in early for next year’s event!


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