The Courtneys: Fuzzy Pop Charmers

With an ear for those golden sounds of indie rock/pop in the early 90’s and a penchant for unironic 90’s pop culture homage, Vancouver, Canada all gal three piece The Courtneys bring their sweet and fuzzy slacker-pop racket to Australia for the very first time in February. Prior to breezing their way into our neck of the woods shortly, Anthony Gebhardt fired off a few questions to guitarist/vocalist Courtney Loove and drummer/lead vocalist Jen Twynn Payne…

Q) How did this current Australian tour come about for the band? And is it your first time out here in any capacity? 

COURTNEY: A small Australian touring company emailed us one day last summer, and said “you wanna come to Australia?” We said, “sure!”. And they made it happen. Yup, first time for any of us in Australia.

Q) Are you preparing yourselves at all for the hot weather you will most likely encounter when you hit our fair shores? (tip: pack swimmers! 🙂

COURTNEY: Yeah we are stoked! Weather sucks in Vancouver right now!

JEN: It’s really hard to fathom the sudden weather change, but I am going to invest in a summer sleeping bag as I don’t think my -30 degrees one will do.

Q) Your sound seems to elicit a lot of comparisons to early 90’s indie  – do you get sick of this frame of reference or are you fine with getting pigeonholed as such?

COURTNEY: Nah. People have to compare you to something. The early 90s were a great time for music anyways – Pavement, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine etc. 

Q) Are there any current Aussie bands that you particularly dig?



JEN: A couple of these aren’t current, but I’m including them: Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Saints, UV Race, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Circle Pit, Boomgates, Courtney Barnett, Dick Diver

5) Just for the hell of it, please place these bands/artists in order from favourite to least favourite:
Erics Trip, Juliana Hatfield, The Go Gos, Sloan, The Sisters of Mercy

Sloan (!!!!!! I love Sloan)
Eric’s Trip
Juliana Hatfield
The Sisters of Mercy
The Go Gos
COURTNEY: The same as Jen but swap places with Sloan and The Sisters of Mercy (who were my fave when I was a gloomy teen:)

There’s certainly nothing gloomy though about The Courtneys, who bring their slacker-pop culture infused, good time vibes to our parts next Thursday, 19 February at Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley, and Friday, 20 February at The Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay. 

A certain Mac DeMarco can’t get enough of ’em: check it out!

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