The Delta Riggs + Nice Biscuit + Flying Machine: Live review | BBQ Bazaar | Sunday 27 January 2019

It was a hot night at Burleigh hub BBQ Bazaar, and the air was thick with both anticipation and BBQ smoke as the crowd waited patiently on the astroturf for rockers The Delta Riggs to take things up a notch.

We couldn’t make it there in time for Flying Machine, and instead waltzed in to the psychedelic sounds of trippy, quirky and altogether wonderful Brisbane sextet Nice Biscuit, whose two mesmerising frontwomen delivered high, synchronised vocals with discordant ‘harmonies’ and ABBA-esque moves against a backdrop of electro-surf guitar vibes with plenty of effects. Hard to describe, easy to listen to. Check ’em out.

Melbourne-via-Gold-Coast quartet The Delta Riggs have all the skinny-jeaned, stripy-shirted, beanie-headed look of a jangly hipster crew playing in some unsigned bar in a Prahran alley, and all the grunt of a legendary stadium rock band packing out Wembley for their fifth farewell tour. Frontman Elliot Hammond, clearly born for the stage, bantered with and fist bumped the patrons standing at the front of the stage, and then demanded everyone stand up before launching into a set that was pure rock, all the time. It’s easy to see why these guys are renowned for their live shows, with every second of the set entered into with complete heart and soul by all of them.

Crowd faves ‘Fake That’, ‘Out of Place’, ‘Baddest Motherfucker in the Beehive’, and ‘Street Signs and Brake Lights’ all got a workout, while they saved ‘Never Seen This Before’ for the encore; Hammond’s husk even more pronounced by the end of the show, and every one of the guys drenched in sweat. An epic effort by the hard-working Aussie rockers, and a great night for all at BBQ Bazaar. Check our their Facebook page for more upcoming live music events.


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