The East Pointers are heading our way in 2020

Transcending the barriers of traditional folk music, multi award-winning Canadian band, The East Pointers are hooking the next generation of folk fans with third album ‘Yours To Break’, out 25 October, with a national Australian tour announced for 2020.

Featuring Billboard-worthy pop hooks, deep acoustic grooves, trance-like Celtic trad and rich, three-part harmonies, The East Pointers are a hit with Australian audiences and their Antipodean connections run deep.

“Before we came to Australia we were a sit-down band. From our very first show, these Aussie audiences just stood up, ran to the front of the room and started dancing. We haven’t sat down since!

“When writing the new album, we would say ‘Will the Aussies dance to this one?’ If the answer wasn’t an instant ‘yes’ we fixed it,” said banjo player, Koady Chaisson, who married an Australian and lives between here and the band’s home, Prince Edward Island.

Produced by multi Grammy Award-winning songwriter and renowned producer, Gordie Sampson, ‘Yours To Break’ is musically complex, technically brilliant and continues to smash genre boundaries with a rich, global kaleidoscope of sounds.

“We’re passionate about tradition, but believe it doesn’t belong in a box in the attic, getting dusted off for special occasions and boring the pants off kids! Traditions belong to the people who shepherd them into the next generation,” said Koady.

“The core of our music is definitely traditional Celtic, but on this new album, fiddle tunes are grounded in complex rumbling bass lines; dirty Americana explorations spin on a dime into acoustic flamenco accents; indie electric guitar licks and modern keyboard tones turn traditional solos into urgent dance-party vibes.

“’Yours To Break’ is the best expression to date of our love for so many different types of music. You can really hear the influences of the band living across Australia, Canada and Costa Rica at the time.”

With the first single, ‘Wintergreen’, amassing more than 390,000 Spotify streams and 100,000 Youtube views for the official video featuring The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins, Yours To Break is set to be the band’s most important and successful body of work to date.

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‘Yours To Break’ by The East Pointers is available 25 October on all digital platforms, with their national tour heading out way in January 2020. Catch them on 4 Jan at The Tivoli, 5 Jan at Miami Marketta, and 9 Jan The Northern in Byron. Tickets for the non GC shows are on sale now at

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