The Fashion Trend @ Soundwave 2015

With the absence of Big Day Out, the fashion differences between festivals felt smaller when the options for music festivals are Splendour in the Grass, Falls, Groovin’ in the Moo, Meredith Festival and Laneway Festival…but then I remembered the remaining rock/metal festival, Soundwave. How could I forget?

As I walked into RNA Showgrounds I was once again reminded that there was a broader fashion sense at music festivals, broader than hipsters in chinos wearing round sunnies anyway. The theme for this year’s Soundwave (and every year before it) was black. Things you thought had been put to rest popped up as you wandered around the festival grounds, from iconic but now scarce mohawks to band shirts from the 90’s, which made sense when you realized who was headlining. New piercings in places you’d never expect floated around the festival on people of all ages, and the usual black getup highlighted many punters’ violent hair colours.

Soundwave VikingThis year’s Soundwave artwork was superheroes, so there certainly was a smattering of  villains and heroes running around the Showgrounds, however the main costumes being worn were Slipknot outfits. The heavy metal outfit were clearly the most popular act out of the major headliners, and more on their set in Brisbane (as well as Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson and others) here, as reviewed by Nev Pearce and myself. Thanks to a stall selling $5 Paddy Hats, there were quite a few Raiden (Mortal Kombat) punters in the crowds, receiving much needed protection from the sweltering heat. The keen eye of our photographer Leisen Standen spied a Grandfather Viking (pictured left) and we’re certain that he takes out the best dressed award for Soundwave 2015.

What did you dress up as for Soundwave 2015? We’re already considering our options for Soundwave 2016, and I’ve definitely have my fingers crossed for an awesome theme like this year.

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