The Funkoars | Below Average

They say they’re bringing hard 80’s street justice back into fashion with their fifth full length album In Case of Emergency soon to released.

First track off the album Below Average is the catalyst for a national tour for the Funkoars. With live shows known to be sweaty and deafening, they’ll be testing out their new material (as well as older classics) on audiences across the country, including the Gold Coast.  James Wills stepped from behind the camera straight into a conservation with one of the‘oars in question, Sesta.

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Congrats on the new single Below Average – it’s a tune!

Yeah, I’m pretty happy with the response it’s getting. We performed it for the first time at The Gov the other night ‘cos we did a few tracks with Seth Sentry, so we pulled it out to see how it would go and we were surprised, people were yelling back at us, which is good ‘cos its always a bit scary when you put a new song out!


Well the song sends a message I’m sure a lot of us can relate to. Was there a particular Below Average moment that spawned it?

No it’s just who we are. I feel if I’m going to sit down and write something, what would be honest? It’s a subject I have the most experience with; I have a wealth of inspiration to choose from. I think I could write a whole album on being below average.


Out of all the Funkoars’ personalities is there a member who holds the title for biggest “fuck up” as you guys put it? Or is it a team effort?

(Laughs) I think we go through waves, one of us is always doing something stupid so it’s kinda been the running theme of our existence from the beginning.


This is the lead single off the forthcoming album In Case of Emergency, has the creating/recording process changed much over the years?

It’s pretty much how we’ve always done it. Me and Trials make the beats, send them round between us and write to it. We show each other our ideas and if we all like it, it’s a track that we’ll pursue. The difference this time around is we recorded the album in at a studio in Brisbane called Alchemix. Normally we would have done it all in house but we thought for a change it might be nice to take all the monotonous work of being a studio engineer away from the group so we can just focus on production and writing. We took all of our beats and ideas out there and got the bulk of the album done in a week. We had some live instruments like a brass section and worked with our friend Ash Grunwald on some tracks to boost up the bluesy guitar presence. Once that was all done we took the recordings back to our studio in Adelaide and pieced it all together. I’ve really like how we’ve done it this time around, it lets us focus more on the fun stuff!


In the past you have collaborated with fellow label mates Vents, Briggs and of course Hilltop Hoods, can we expect some familiar features on this album?

Definitely some familiar ones, definitely some new ones as well. We’ve collabed with some Aussie hip hop artists that we’ve never done tracks with before and we’ve got a couple of guest producers on there as well. We’ve also got some rappers from overseas, but nothing I can divulge just yet.


You’ve got a tour kicking off in May. What’s a Funkoars’ tour like these days? Is it still as rowdy or has it become a bit more “strictly business”?

We’ve definitely got it down to a fine art haha, we know our limits but we also like to take advantage of being certain places and enjoying ourselves! If you’re away for a few nights maybe take your foot off the accelerator on the first night, go back to the hotel and play some X-box, then by the last night maybe go a bit harder!  But we always like to hang back with the people that come to our shows for a beer and sign some of our old records.


With past album titles like Dawn of the head and The Hangover it’s no secret you are fans of a good flick! Have you got any tips for our readers on something worth throwing on the telly!?

What I’ve been watching religiously at the moment is the Breaking Bad spin off  Better call Saul which is fucking awesome! Me and Trials really like Sci-fi, 2001 Space Odyssey is very much our iconic film that we reference quite a bit. I suppose like the rest of the world I just really want Game of Thrones to come back!


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The Funkoars hit The Cooly Hotel on Saturday 9 May.


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