The Goldheart’s | On the run (single)

The Goldheart’s newly released single, On the Run, is a relaxed yet rockin’ song to be played among your list of fav twang-tinged independent band sounds – or the perfect instrumental intro to a Gold Coast crime television series.

Led by guitarist and vocalist Margy Joughin, the song remains calm and serene, rolling along like a PJ Harvey requiem. However the underbelly themes of the lyrics quickly diminish the devout singing, exposing; When you’re on the run / you don’t stop for no-one. With the (non) ‘proper’ nouns; “crack, cash and Jacks” in the next stanza, you realise it’s a quirky idea gleaned from bikies ordering crack with their cappuccinos.   If there are any musical deviations throughout On the run, it’s up to the lead guitar – answering with a familiar wah-wah echo after each lyrical line.

The Goldheart’s have made the move out of Brisbane to the unscripted live music scene on the coast. Band founding member Margy believes; “the planets are aligning right now on the Gold Coast, it’s fertile and fun – everyone on the Gold Coast is on the verge of giving up their day job for pursuits’ cultural.”

On the run was released in April and available on iTunes. You can check out their Youtube music video complete with fake moustaches, golden palms and an open top car. Without doubt a lot of fun in the making.

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