The Honeysliders play the songs of Cream + Sabrina Lawrie: Live review | soundlounge | Friday 20 July 2018

Whichever album The Honeysliders perform is always a pretty damn fine show. But if you are going to do songs from the 1960’s power trio Cream, well, you want to do them well. I was pretty amped for the show.

Support act Sabrina Lawrie was on stage when I arrived. This gal and her band are bloody awesome. Power, mood, drive; and did I mention they rock? Sabrina has a voice, dark and resonant, piecing and haunting, to compare you might say PJ Harvey meets Souxie Sioux meets Carol Llyod of classic Brisbane Band Railroad Gin. This chick has chops and can really play guitar, and the rest of the band are on point. I bought the album, and it was well worth it!

After Sabrina it was time to settle in and get ready to hear the songs of Cream. The crowd was definitely made up of a few  youngsters from the 1970’s, and a lot of tables and chairs. I normally prefer to stand when I rock but I ended up lounging in front of the stage doing a sitting headbanger. The sound was so good, and the players were exceptional. Like every gig I have seen by The Honeysliders, the talent is incredible.

The three guitars, bass, keyboards and two vocalists pulled together an awesome sound. Hayden Andrews as the voice of Jack Bruce was supreme and on the mark. ‘I’m Glad’ , ‘Strange Brew’ , ‘Tales of Brave Ulysses’, ‘White Room’, and all of the classics were trotted out. Danny Widdicombe really knows how to put on a show with the vast array of players he has. The crowd loved it, it was comfortable, and the sound was loud and clean (oops, forgot the earplugs!)

Not sure what the next The Honeysliders gig will be, which artist, what album, but I will be definitely going to check it out again. Be sure to catch them out next time.

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