The humble record store, celebrated this weekend

Aah vinyl….no not the tacky, fake leather variety but rather shiny, round, spinning platters of musical goodness type vinyl. For the true music aficionado there’s nothing more exciting than flicking through racks or digging through crates of the stuff , looking to unearth that drool-worthy musical gem you’ve been dreaming about since…well…the last time you unearthed a drool-worthy musical gem!

It’s true to say that as a physical music medium, vinyl has made quite the renaissance over the past few years. Go to any gig these days and chances are you’ll see music nerds of all ages with a slab of wax tucked under their arm on their way out of the venue. And in the UK a new vinyl chart has recently been officially sanctioned due to ever escalating record sales. Australia’s own Courtney Barnett impressively made the top ten list of the chart in it’s first week, with her latest release Sometimes I Sit And Think coming in as the sixth most purchased record of the week in the UK!

Yep vinyl is back…in a big way, and Record Store Day is the officially sanctioned annual event in celebration of independently owned record stores worldwide. The event been around since 2007 and takes place on the third Saturday of April, which means that this Saturday, 18 April is THE day to get yourself along to your favourite independent music store and support the cause by paying homage to all things vinyl! There’s always quite a few exclusive releases pressed up specifically for the day, with some of this year’s vintage vinyl crop including Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters, The Stooges and The White Stripes, to name but a few.

Atlantis Music in Southport will be flying the flag for Record Store Day on the Gold Coast. So be sure to pop in on Saturday to check out their range of exclusive LP releases that they’ll be unveiling on the day. Or for those in Brisbane who are looking for a live music soundtrack to accompany their record fossick, be sure to get along to: Rocking Horse Records in the CBD, who will feature in-store performances by Ed Kuepper, The Cairos and Scraps, Tym Guitars in Fortitude Valley, who will have The Hard Ons and Captives playing live, and Jet Black Cat Music in West End, where Mt Warning and Tim Carroll from Holy Holy will be making special guest appearances.



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