The Maslows top off big year with EP release

When Samantha Morris sat in The Yard Café at Nobby’s with Aaron Fenech he was obviously flustered and rightly so. There’d been an IT issue of epic proportions in the Fenech home – a fried hard-drive. And even though his four-piece band The Maslows are launching their EP very soon, they’d basically lost the artwork in the hard-drive debacle (amongst other things).

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“We haven’t actually pressed the CD yet,” Aaron said. “But it’s up on iTunes.”

The self-titled EP includes three songs they’d previously released along with three new tracks. Aaron says they soft-released those tracks earlier in the year on Soundcloud.

“We recorded at Lovestreet with Scotty French – the master himself. And Paul Blakey did the mastering.”

Aaron said the band has about 25 original songs in its repertoire. I can’t imagine how they choose just three to go on the new EP but Aaron said it was easy.

“We’ve been gigging now as a band for a little over 12 months – predominantly we go off the stuff where we get the biggest crowd reaction live,” he said.

“The band’s moving and changing and shifting and trying new things – I guess we’re in that straight rock or indie rock genre and doing a lot more stuff with effects and stack delays.”

Aaron took me through some of the tracks on the EP. The opening track Atomic was chosen as track one because “if we were going to pick a single off the EP, that would be it. Classic rock sort of style, I guess.”

Seeing the Signs is one of the most interesting songs on the CD. It starts out with a heavy / dark intro and then broadens out into an open chord structure,” he said.

“We get a whole bunch of people saying Freeform (is their favourite song) because it reminds them of Pearl Jam and then we get Seeing The Signs because it reminds people of classic songs like Chili Peppers.”

“I get the reference a lot to Pearl Jam,” Aaron said. “The tone in my voice sits in the same register as Vedder – I can sing in that flat E – and then I can get this high register. I think that combination and the classic powerchords – people just go, ‘that’s that common sound’.”

“I think it’s nice people feel there’s a similarity there – but I kind of want to be known for our originality as well. Being being associated with a band like Pearl Jam – that’s not a bad thing.”

As well as recording music, The Maslows have been busy gigging. Aaron said they tallied up their shows this past year recently. “We’ve done 17 shows,” he said as he rattled off some of the highlights.

“At Liars Bar for Sounds of Sunday, we were supposed to be supporting Tiger Town who’d just toured the States and there were 500 people in the place. But they didn’t show. So we did a double set there. That was really cool,” he said.

The Maslows have also supported Super Best Friends and performed at Miami Tavern Shark Bar, Currumbin Creek Tavern and Studio 56, amongst other Gold Coast venues.

And next year? Aaron says they’ll have a formal launch for their EP sometime, but they haven’s settled on what or where.

“We’ve got a lot of crazy ideas and some standard ones,” he said. Aaron also told Blank GC that 2016 will be big for personal reasons as he’ll be transitioning from his current job to a new one – making guitars fulltime – something he’s been exploring for seven years now. As well as building guitars he’ll teach other people how to do the same (follow @fenechguitars on Instagram).

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The Maslows are Eugene Immisch (guitar), Mark Kearns (bass), Jon Ward (drums) and Aaron Fenech (guitar / vocals). Check out The Maslows’ Self-Titled EP on iTunes or pick up a physical copy at one of their 2016 gigs.

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