The $5000 Neumann Dust Temple portrait prize is back for 2018

Portraiture is a particularly revealing, emotional and at times, full-frontal genre.  It can lay bare the human condition; it has the ability to belie conventional norms but allows unabashed appropriation – as with popular culture.

The Neumann Portrait Prize has gained added momentum with the generous support in 2017 from the Estate of the late Jeaninne Neumann Foundation. This year, Michellen Neumann again generously supports the prize.

Founded by Dean Cogle in 2015, the inaugural exhibition began with humble beginnings, where with little steps and bigger strides it continued to draw the attention of more artists and visitors to experience the exhibition at Dust Temple. The talent each year has been astounding and again this year, the entrants are again providing a stunning diversity of outstanding works.

The Neumann Dust Temple Portrait Prize Exhibition opens at 6.00pm on 4 August 2018, with the winners being announced that night. The exhibition runs until 28 August.


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