The New Trend in Hats – Falls Music and Arts Festival 2014

Gone are the days of baseball hats worn forwards (or backwards) at festivals. The reign of bucket hats and mountie hats has arrived. Almost every festival goer can be seen sporting one of these hats that has now become seemingly synonymous with festival fashion, and if these hats are missing from their heads, a 5 panel cap is surely there to replace them. Fedoras seem to also be on the out, only one has been spotted over the past three days. One of the good things about mountie hats is that they are sunsmart, but that isn’t the main reason people wear those hats. IMG_781985805203Another recent addition to the festival fashion is the return of overalls, which the guitarist of Kingswood was seen sporting on the first day. The headdress still made an appearance at the festival, however there is a strong movement to ban them.


While we are on the topic of fashion, when and how did rounded sunnies come back in to popularity? The level of John Lennon lookalikes here at Falls is incredible. Regardless, the people love them and that is their sun protection of choice. Take a look at these fashionistas from the festival grounds, and revel in the death of singlet-toting, cap wearing indie festival attendees (well, all of them apart from the two I saw in the DZ Deathrays mosh).

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