The next layer of augmented reality

Augmented Reality is a mix of real life and virtual reality displayed within an app using a mobile phone or tablet’s camera. The UnseenGC augmented reality exhibition at the new Cultural Precinct has been very well received with over 600 downloads of Layar (the application that turns your smartphone or tablet into a portal of augmented reality) to date. And now it is time to turn our attention to the next layer of this kind of reality: Phase 2 of the project.

“In conjunction with dLux media we will host a workshop on site to train students on the development of augmented reality (AR) art works,” Anna Carroll, director of Gold Coast Cultural Precinct described.

“Facilitator Dr Andrew Burrell is a senior media artist, university lecturer and skilled teacher who will deliver the workshop for tertiary students with the intent of developing work for consideration exhibitions as well as deepening their knowledge.”

The workshop will be held on 15 July and is designed to give all participants an overview into the medium as well as discussion on notable international work in the field.  The workshop takes the participants further into the realm of AR through techniques and a process of developing their own piece of augmented reality during a guided workshop.

This workshop has a longer-term plan and opportunities for the participants. At the end of the workshop, students have the opportunity to submit their AR work to the Gold Coast City Gallery to be added to the current exhibition. Another opportunity presented to the budding digital artists is the guidance and encouragement to submit their work to be included in the existing UnSeenGC exhibition. Three pieces will be chosen by a selection panel including Gold Coast City Gallery Director Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Tara Morelos, director of dLux Media and Dr Andrew Burrell.  The pieces will be exhibited alongside Jake Hempson’s existing works. But competition is fierce and the participants will be up against an array of other AR work. The Expressions of Interest have gone out for international, national and local artists to submit artwork for the expanded UnSeenGC exhibition as well.

Dr Andrew Burrell is an independent contemporary arts practitioner, with a strong history in real time 3D and interactive audio installation. He is exploring notions of self, narrative and artificial life systems upon an individual’s sense of identity. His collaboration projects have received both international and national recognition and have been exhibited both online and in physical gallery spaces. He shares an interest in contemporary technology, how that changes the world around us and affects our everyday life. He explores the notion of what we are told about these gadgets, how they work and what their possibilities are and takes that a step further by discovering what they were not intended to do.

For those who want to learn how to twist and shape our reality, head to the Art Centre website for further details and registration. And for the art appreciators amongst us, keep your eyes peeled for the art you cannot see. There is more to come.

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