The Only Splendour Style Report You’ll Need

Punters make the pilgrimage from across the country, and some from overseas, to Splendour in the Grass to see some incredible live music and to party with their friends, of course. But it would be a straight-up lie to say that doesn’t mean anyone is letting their personal #aesthetic slip over the weekend. Festivals are a free-for-all in terms of self expression, and for some, letting your clothes do the talking for you is the best way to do just that. We’re going to focus on the fortunate audience members who aren’t covered in head to toe mud (yet).

The general fashion through-theme of Splendour in the Grass 2015 is a new-age hybrid of bohemian and grunge tableaus. There’s a plethora of denim overalls, gingham flannos tied around the waists of both girls and guys, statement sunnies, paisley and floral playsuits, more lace and crochet than you’d ever be able to find at your grandma’s place, velvet, cheesecloth, oversized khaki jackets, felt floppy hats, beanies (at least some of you are being practical) and “daggy” caps.


Another trend that keeps cropping up across the muddied hills of SITG is fringework, on bags, jackets, crop tops and dresses. There’s no denying that the 70s are alive and well in the hearts of the populace, with other trademarks of the decade such as bell-bottom flares making plenty of appearances too.


If Splendour is anything to go by, sheer clothes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon either. Tie dye is, as is always the case at festivals, literally everywhere – towels, ponchos, shirts and pants burst with the bright, vivid colours typical of the hippie must-have.


In a total contrast to the ever-present see-through shirts we’ve seen, there’s been an upswing in women wearing chunky roll-neck knits – sleeveless during the day, or oversized during the night. It goes without saying that yes, of course many punters are donning their favourite band t-shirts, but others still are rocking meme-inspired, tv-show-referencing, or pop art prints. Let it never be said that this crowd doesn’t know how to dress. It’s a mishmash of styles, as well it should be – keep on doin’ you, Splendour.


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