The Oogars show us the girl in the mirror

Four piece, all-female psychedelic rock outfit The Oogars are no strangers to genre fusion, dabbling in 50’s surf rock, Middle Eastern psychedelic and garage classics from across the eras. What these talented Northern Rivers entertainers really shine at however, is their ability to tie their instrumental pastiche with dynamic yet heartfelt vocals.

With just two singles under their belts since forming in 2018, The Oogars have performed extensively across Australia and Europe, gaining widespread recognition for their captivating live shows. Working around their recent tours with The Babe Rainbow and Nice Biscuit, the group is finally ready to unveil their mesmerising new single and accompanying video for ‘Girl In The Mirror’.

Tanisha Cook (guitar / keys / vocals) answered a few question about this long-awaited release. 

Love the video! Tell us a bit about each of the characters in it

The ‘Girl In The Mirror’ video was a slow and steady creation. We could write a novel on how deep we could go on the characters but we’ll try to keep it short and sweet. Initially it was all inspired from Gemma’s lyrics and concept of the song. Emily And I evolved the idea into characters and more of a story line. It’s an expression of being trapped in a life that no longer serves the person you have evolved to be.

Firstly we had our dear friend Texas dressed up in baggy dark clothing wearing a mask, which Emily created to represent an Entity that played different roles in each character’s reality. Gemma represents an unruly cashier chick that hates her job and is constantly finding ways to occupy her bored and unfulfilled life but the “Boss Entity” is quick to get her back to work. Then we have Emily — she’s dressed as a 70s housewife confined to what society says “she should be doing” as a woman partnered with an ungrateful “Husband Entity”.

Then we have Daniella as an office lady stuck behind a screen all day with “Boss Entity” not giving her a break and constantly flooding her with more work and expectations. Lastly, I was the “Wannabe”. We captured photos of Emily dressed up as “Synthia” — a weird unnatural public figure that the wannabe was trying desperately to be like. The Entity in this scene represented a bad friend or a social media platform encouraging the wannabe to not just be her authentic self.

It looked like a helluva lot of fun to film. Were there any memorable experiences during the process?

It was very fun to film! I think the biggest thing was that we had created such strong characters and a clear vision of how it was all gonna look. Then it wasn’t until our sets were created and we were in character that we were like shit… we all actually have to “Act” this all out now. It was quite hilarious watching each other really getting into character. Our director / videographer and editor Millicent Norman helped us a lot with that.

You have quite a spaced-out release schedule. Is that deliberate or a case of life getting in the way?

Yes there has been a very spacious gap between releases haha. We have been constantly reminded about that one, we actually recorded this EP a year ago! It’s just the way it all flowed I guess. COVID was a tricky one putting a hold on mixing etc and then it took us a while to get the EP sounding how we wanted. We then started preparing for the release during Christmas and New Year, which was nearly impossible. We’re all very happy to finally be sharing what we’ve worked so hard on.

How many tracks are you planning on having on your upcoming EP and are you releasing them all as singles first or will there be a couple of surprises on there? What’s next for The Oogars?

Ooo good question, the EP will have four tracks but we have some pretty exciting things underway you’ll just have to wait and see!

Those wily women, keeping us on our toes! You’ll just have to jump over to for more, and check out the truly excellent video for ‘The Girl In The Mirror’, below.

IMAGE (C) Capucine Merlant-Pilonchery

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