The Orphans of Music – Bigsound 2014

Orphans Orphans are a frankenstein band formed from members of various Brisbane bands that have enjoyed success both in their hometown and interstate. Their latest track, Orphan, has received a whole lot of love from both Triple J and blogs internationally. The boys took a break from their busy Bigsound schedule to talk to Kyle Butcher in a broom closet.

Since the guys that form Orphans Orphans are still creating music and touring with their other bands I was curious as to how long Orphans Orphans will stick around the Australian scene.

“We all have confidence that this band won’t be in the way of our other bands. We have a calendar that we all put our tour dates with our other bands on and we are really happy with all of the creativity our bands have at the moment so there aren’t any problems.”

The drumkit Orphans Orphans use is one with 70’s rock influences, like Led Zeppelin, and they prefer hollow body guitars,which they treat like their babies.

Orphans Orphans are playing one exclusive set at Bigsound tonight at 8:50pm, and their EP is being released September 19, which is why they are touring the Coast in October.

“We’re taking The Furrs with us on tour because we’re best buds, and we’re all roommates. For the last part of the year all of our bands are on tour so it’s busy times, and no money. We live with 7 people in an old Queenslander overlooking the city. It’s a really creative space. We’ve all got bedroom recording setups as well as a makeshift studio, which is really good to do demos in. A new song can just pop out at any time, which is really cool.”

After years of experience with other bands, Orphans Orphans certainly know how to entertain a crowd, and I asked them exactly what they thought defines a great live band.

“Something that can make you lose your shit and forget about everything, just be totally absorbed in everything. The more I think about it, when I go to see a band and there’s no interaction with the crowd it makes me sour. Bands should interact with the crowd, at least to some degree. Sam is an epic banterer but he’s behind the kit. He’s actually tried talking before but then the mic has been off, it’s pretty funny. I think interacting with the crowd is great, and humour is great too.”

Orphans Orphans are definitely a band on the rise, and it will be exciting to see where their infectious rock takes them next.

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