The Paper Kites: Coming to ‘Where you live’ on their 2019 Tour

After the release of two albums last year – ‘On The Train Ride Home’ and ‘On the Corner Where You Live’, The Paper Kites, the folk-indie group hailing from Melbourne, are gracing us with a nationwide tour in 2019.

Given the fact they have performed around 200 shows in just three years and have sold nearly 700,000 copies (yes, 700, 000) of their hit single ‘Bloom’ in the States, the band are definitely one of Australia’s quiet achievers.

Based around the concept of a collection of stories about a group of characters all living in an apartment building, ‘On The Corner Where You Live’ is a dreamy, yet emotionally complex album that the band are really excited to be performing to Australian audiences. With such immense song-writing prowess, as well as their renowned immersive life performances, The Paper Kites gig at Miami Marketta is a show that without a doubt, will remind you of both the ordinariness and the beauty of ‘where you live’.

Be sure to catch The Paper Kites at Miami Marketta, Friday, March 15, 2019. Tickets here.

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